On Coakley's Theology

By Teresa Wooten Daily

God, Sexuality, and the Self:  An Essay ‘On the Trinity’, Sarah Coakley.  New York, Cambridge University Press, 2013.  384 pages.

Reviewing the Reviews


Want to know what's happening in theology, but no time to read books?  No time to read book reviews either?  No fear: #TheoStudio has your back.  Here are my reviews of the Modern Theology Jan 2014 book reviews.  As seen on Twitter!!



Here come my reviews of Jan #ModernTheology bk reviews.



Bradshaw on Stang's Denys bk: Mystically Pauline, suitably obscure #ModernTheology



Dogmatic Somnambulance


By Anthony D. Baker

A coming issue of The Living Church is going to print my review of David Kelsey's mammoth theological anthropology, Eccentric Existence.  I've pasted in below a couple of the middle paragraphs, in which I attempt to situate his project in the world constructive theological texts.  I'd love feedback, here or on Facebook or Twitter.

The Music of Faith: Thoughts on Theology and Religion

By Anthony D. Baker

I once wrote that the difference between theology and religious studies was like the difference between two characters in the film The Red Violin who stand, awestruck, staring at a one-of-a-kind Stradivarius.  One of them is obsessed with getting alone with it so he can play it.  The other wants to “take it apart and see how it works.”

Equivocations of “Theology” Pt. I: Discourse and Teaching

(The first of four posts)

By Nathan Jennings

I've been trying to figure out what "theology" is for a long time. What I've found is that there is a lot of equivocation using this word, even within the academy.

Trustworthy Tempests (Angels in the Architecture)

By Anthony D. Baker

[This is a piece I wrote for another project, and some who have read it have found it helpful.  It being Advent, I thought perhaps a little angelology might not be out of place.]


“The world of angels occupies in creation a place which makes it impossible to neglect its consideration without rendering the intelligibility of the universe impossible. . .” –Etienne Gilson

Real Presence in Texas's Christian Capital

I live, according to the local brag, in the live music capital of the world.  Walk into most any downtown restaurant on a Saturday night, and chances are you are going to be greeted by someone with a guitar.  And chances are—especially the closer you come to the intersection of Congress and 6th Street—it’s going to be pretty good music.


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